Trough a tailor-made approach, we respond to all types of requests. Automation and industrialisation require a case-by-case analysis.

What is traffic monetization ?

In times of automatic monetisation of GAFAM and the monetization proposed by sometimes unscrupulous third parties, you will be informed about the monetization process from A to Z through a dedicated Advisor.


We specifically choose each solution in order to guarantee you a personalized and relevant offer according to your needs.


Choosing MONEYTAG means choosing peace of mind. No fees are required to earn money through our services! A simple tag is enough to mnetize your pages. Our unique “Tag Kommander” solution will encapsulate all your monetization solutions to distribute them on your site in less than 1000 ms!



4 unique proprietary technologies

20 countries covered

300 Partner sites

2 billion page views