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Do you have traffic thay you want to monetize? Moneytag is the solution. πŸš€πŸ“Š

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In few words

500+ happy publishers.
10+ Billions impressions by month.
100+ Millions clics by month.
2,5 $ of avg. CPM.
100+ different solutions in our stack.

A monetisation over all browsers :



Take advantage of a tailor-made experience to monetize your inventories qualitatively. Our dedicated team monitors and optimizes your advertising spaces on a daily basis.


From programmatic to Header Bidding and deals, your site will benefit from the best hand-picked technologies on the market.

All plateforms

Do you have a website, an app, both? We have the right solutions for your placements!


Moneytag draws its expertise from the diversity of its team. Our experts have been familiar with the market since its inception and come from the various links in the advertising chain


We know that your statistics are a key metric to you. This is why we will give you access to a complete backoffice to have a good visibility of our monetization


At MONEYTAG we know that the human being will always come before the turnover. No more endless chains of emails to solve a simple problem. You have no time to lose and we know it, that's why we will do everything we can to satisfy you and support you as best we can in your growth, without wasting time.



Our services are based on clean technology to centralize all your monetization needs. At Moneytag, we are constantly looking for innovation. That's why our dedicated team is constantly looking for new and relevant solutions in all four corners of the world.